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Dr. John McMurtry

John McMurtry is an internationally recognized scholar and University Professor Emeritus-elect who has made outstanding contributions in the discipline of philosophy. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a President’s Distinguished Professor, McMurtry is known for being engaged both in the classroom and the community. He studies the philosophies of politics, economics, education, literature, history and the environment, and his work has been published in more than 150 books and journals including Journal of Applied Philosophy, Journal of the Philosophy of Education, Inquiry, the Monist, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Praxis International, the Encyclopedia of Ethics, New Internationalist, Atlantic Monthly, Guardian Weekly, the Norton Anthology of Prose, among many others.

He is also part of the peace movement and international law study bodies, having served as Chair of Jurists, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Tribunal at the Alternative World Summit in Toronto, 1989. Most recently, he has focused his research on the value structure of economic theory and its consequences for global civil and environmental life. His recent books include Value Wars: The Global Market Versus the Life Economy (Pluto, 2002) and The Cancer Stage of Capitalism (Pluto, 1999).  McMurtry was selected by the United Nations as organizing author and editor of Philosophy and World Problems, in the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems.