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Dr. Peter Dale Scott

Dr Peter Dale Scott is Professor Emeritus of English at University of California, Berkeley, where he co-founded the Peace and Conflict Studies Program. He served as a Canadian diplomat after receiving his PhD in Political Science from McGill University. A poet, writer and researcher, he is the founder of “deep politics” as a theoretical and methodological approach to understanding political events and processes. His books include Crime and Cover-Up: The CIA, the Mafia, and the Dallas-Watergate Connection (1977); Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America (1991, 1998); Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993, 1996); Drugs Oil and War (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003) and his latest The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (University of California Press, 2007)