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Dr. David Schwartzman

Professor of Biology, Howard University, Washington DC; B.S. City College of New York, M.S. and PhD, Brown University (geochemistry). Dr. Schwartzman’s research has focused on the long-term carbon cycle, the evolution of the biosphere, the origin of life and environmental policy.  His seminal book Life, Temperature, and the Earth (Columbia University Press) was updated in its paperback edition in 2002. Papers on ecosocialism include: 2009, ‘Ecosocialism or Ecocatastrophe?’ Capitalism Nature Socialism Vol. 20, No.1, 6-33 (March); 2008, ‘The Limits to Entropy: the Continuing Misuse of Thermodynamics in Environmental and Marxist theory’, Science & Society Vol. 72, No.1, 43-62; 1996, ‘Solar Communism’, Science & Society, Vol. 60, No. 3, Fall, 307-331. Either posted full text at or available upon request: