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Dr. Naveed S. Sheikh

Naveed S. Sheikh holds a First Class BA (hons) in Politics and Modern History from the university of Buckingham, where he completed his degree in two years, received five merit prizes for academic excellence, and graduated with the university’s highest honour, the Edgar Palamountain Medal of Excellence, presented to him by Lady Thatcher in 1997.

He also has an MA in International Relations (with distinction) from the University of Durham, where his master dissertation received the highest mark since the founding of the Department of Politics. He proceeded to enrol for a Ph.D. at the Centre of International Studies at the University of Cambridge, working on a thesis on nuclear non-/proliferation and identity imaginaries. He has held fellowships at Harvard University (2001-02) and Hosei University in Tokyo (2003-04). He joined SPIRE as a permanent lecturer in International Relations in September 2005.

In addition to articles published in the Journal of Third World Studies and Conflict and Cooperation, he is the author of The New Politics of Islam: Pan-Islamic Foreign Policy in a World of States (Routledge, 2003) and Saudi State, Wahhabi World: The Globalization of Muslim Radicalism (Praeger, forthcoming).