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Brian Bogart

Brian Bogart worked in the US defence industry for 15 years, turning down security clearance opportunities three times before leaving Silicon Valley. In 1997, he earned a BA in Asian Studies and Japanese History from the University of Oregon, where he is now a Diversity Scholar in Peace Studies.

Less than two months after launching the CampUS Strike for Peace Campaign in September 2005 (camping in a discussion tent opposite University of Oregon’s administration building while refusing to study inside its classrooms), Brian’s private meetings with faculty senate members resulted in a unanimous decision to hold special hearings to discuss the issue of military funding to more than 500 universities. Invited as a delegate to London’s December 2005 International Peace Conference by UK Members of Parliament, Bogart subsequently won the prestigious Diversity Scholarship Award.

Now in his final year as the first University of Oregon graduate student in Peace Studies, he is currently compiling declassified records chronicling the invention of the Cold War and “War on Terror”, and the rise of the dispersed vendor phenomenon: the distribution of each weapons program to all 50 states (and 166 other countries), economically motivating state leaders to continuously increase defence spending in a bipartisan manner. Bogart is also an analyst and founder the progressive think-tank, Intelligent Future.